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Rural Meanderings is art created by Constance O'Harra using graphite pencil, colored pencil and/or watercolor. Working from photographs, Constance expresses her love for the scenic beauty of our western states and her deep fondness for old relics. Browse the galleries to view original black & white and color works, as well as greeting cards, bookmarks and other items. Visit the Inspiration Blog to interact with Constance about upcoming shows, artwork and what motivates her creativity.



Tiger was taken in by our friends as a kitten.  He is now a six year old house cat that watches the birds and neighborhood activities from a screened in front porch.  Since he weighs over 35 pounds the outdoor cats in the area may well feel lucky that he does not walk among them.

Photography Tips

Recently Bill Davis, my nephew who is an accomplished photographer, gave me several pointers on improving the pictures I take.  Like many artists I try to get reference photos of subjects for drawings and also photograph my finished art pieces for record keeping.

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